The analytical techniques we employ for geological studies can also be employed in the analysis of archaeological materials such as Stone, clay and metallic artefacts, Ancient sediments, Building materials. Borehole and test pit correlation and site surveys.

Our laboratory facility is constantly ranked in the top 10 globally for analytical accuracy and is capable of analysing tens of thousands of samples per year meaning we can provide a rapid analytical turnaround normally lab based .  We can carry out analysis on site or in our laboratory through the application of:

Hand held XRF – A non destructive field or museum deployable  instrument capable of analysing 11 major elements to % levels of detection  and 19 trace elements to ppm levels of detection

Desktop XRF  – A lab based instrument which is capable of being transported to a dig site or your facility and is run off standard electrical supply.  It is capable of both non-destructive or destructive analyses of 10 major elements to ppm limits of detection and 23 trace elements with a ppb precision

ICP-OES and ICP-MS – Our main Lab based instruments capable of ppb levels of precision for 40 – 50 elements

In addition to the analytical facility we offer a wide range of geo-archaeological services including:

Stratigraphic correlations from test pits or boreholes, furthermore, we are the only company to offer a chemostratigraphic correlation of bore hole or test pits.  We can also characterise material based on the geological identification of lithic material, thin section preparation and analysis, chemical fingerprinting of material and provenance identification. We can also offer a bespoke service to bring in other techniques such as geophysics and OSL dating as needed.

In addition to work being carried out in our UK, USA and Australian laboratories we can also provide a mobile laboratory service suitable for deployment to core stores.  We pride ourselves on providing a flexible service and so please contact us with your specific needs and we will endeavour to provide a solution.