Rapid Onsite Analysis

Origin’s years of experience in the analytical service industry offer a flexible, bespoke, analytical service comprising both laboratory and field based equipment.

Our rapid onsite analysis is delivered through our portable analytical equipment; portable XRF, Handheld XRF and FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed). Our XRF (X-ray

portable XRF

portable XRF

Fluorescence) service is able to provide elemental data on fluids and solids. The portable XRF provides a field or laboratory based analytical service that produces data quality similar to that of more traditional lab based XRF techniques. Our handheld XRF provides ultra portable, field based, rapid analysis. Our FTIR is readily transportable, ideal for mine or quarry sites. It is able to rapidly acquire quantitative mineralogical data comparable to standard XRD analysis. The cycle time on the sample is less than one minute, allowing hundreds of samples to be analysed in a working day.

This array of portable equipment means that Origin Analytical can provide a rapid, cost effective & flexible, solution to fulfill your analytical needs. For example:

  • Rapid screening of brown field sites to identify contaminated land issues
  • Analyse water, leachate or runoff samples at source
  • Identify Ca and Mg concentrations in limestone Identify contaminants in produced materials
  • Geochemical analysis
  • Rapid mineralogy
  • Clay mineralogy and purity

Rapid onsite analysis