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Origin Analytical Terms and Conditions

1. Origin Analytical will begin work only upon receipt of a written order from the customer.

2. In providing the services, Origin Analytical shall use reasonable endeavours to carry out analysis and prepare reports in accordance with good industry practice.

3. All analyses, interpretations, conclusions and opinions expressed by Origin Analytical and its agents, whether expressed or provided verbally or in writing represent the best judgement of Origin Analytical based on observations made on the samples supplied to it by the customer. Origin Analytical, its officers, employees and agents make no representation or warranty as to the correctness, accuracy or viability of any analysis, interpretation, conclusion or opinion provided to customer and shall not be liable to the customer for any consequences (including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential loss) arising from any reliance which the customer or any third party may place on any such analysis, interpretation, conclusion or opinion.

4. Customer shall be responsible for the extraction packaging and transit of samples and the avoidance of contamination. All samples, data and other information supplied by the customer to Origin Analytical shall at all times be at the customer’s own risk including whilst in the possession of Origin Analytical. The customer shall be responsible for keeping samples, data and customer provided information fully insured at all times during transit to or from Origin Analytical and during any period of retention or testing by Origin Analytical.

5. Where Origin Analytical deems it appropriate, Origin Analytical will, at the expense of the customer, wash and prepare the samples prior to analysis.

6. Where Origin Analytical is asked to arrange collection of samples, Origin Analytical shall charge the customer the then prevailing day rate for each day or part of a day that any individual is involved in the transportation, together with out of pocket expenses, accommodation, travel and food.

7. Upon completion of the report, Origin Analytical shall make the report available to the customer. All rights in the report, including copyright, shall remain the property of Origin Analytical and the Customer shall not be entitled to reproduce the report without Origin Analytical’s prior written agreement. All results and reports are strictly confidential and for the exclusive use of the customer.

8. All terms and prices quoted are valid for a period of three months from the date of the relevant proposal and unless expressly stated otherwise, are exclusive of any applicable value added or sales tax. Where arising, value added or sales tax will be added to the invoice as a charge to the customer. Other taxes, as may be imposed at any time by governmental or other bodies, will also be invoiced in full to the customer.

9. Origin Analytical reserves the right to pass on third party charges incurred for and on behalf of the customer. Third party chargeable items include but are not limited to, customs documentation, freight and packaging charges.

10. The customer shall pay the price of the services within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Origin Analytical reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days.

11. Law and jurisdiction – these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales.

Origin Analytical Terms & Conditions 2015