Sample Preparation

Preparation of Geological sample is a vital stage in the analytical process, given the highly variable nature of mineral samples.

The production of representative sample of the material submitted to the laboratory is the primary purpose of sample preparation.

High quality sample preparation is critical as it is at this stage that if errors occur, the laboratory may not be able to go back and rectify the problem, rendering subsequent work invalid. Strict adherence to handling, safety and quality protocols ensures our quality management system are maintained throughout our sample preparation. Origin Analytical UK Ltd has its ISO9001:2008 Certification.

Correct sample preparation procedures allow for representative sub-sampling, which is the foundation of quality analysis. The purpose of sample preparation is, generally, the production of a fine dry pulp that, once sub-sampled, is sufficiently representative of the material submitted to the laboratory for the analysis of areas interest. The sample preparation is also critical for the liberation of elements of interest for representative sub-sampling, in order to facilitate decomposition techniques, and to reduce particle size effects in techniques such as:-

We offer various Preparation Techniques:-

  • Sample cleaning & Drying
  • Splitting
  • Particle size reduction
  • Mineral Separation
  • Homogenisation of core and cutting sample
  • Thin section